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Start by watching this little funky fraction video about quarters.


Today we are going to be focusing on quartering objects and shapes. When children explore quarters for the first time they will develop their understanding of equal parts and non-equal parts and relate this to a shape or object being split up into four equal parts. So, we know halving an object means splitting it equally into two parts, so, a quarter is splitting the object into four equal parts.


Open the first PowerPoint ‘Finding Quarters’ to explore this further. This will recap halves and then demonstrate quarters and how many quarters make up the whole.


Then open and follow the next PowerPoint ‘Quarter of a Shape or Object’. Hopefully this us starting to make some sense to you!


Finally open up the activity which if you can print out and complete – careful as the answers are there to, so don’t peak until you are finished! If not then try and copy the shapes out the best you can and then indicate a quarter when asked. If you have a ruler that would be helpful.