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For todays ‘Fun Day Friday’ activity I want you to get creative and demonstrate your halving and quartering fraction skills! We all know that Mrs BR loves her food and some of my earliest memories from school are learning about fractions using food! I remember learning about quarters with Mrs Deans, she gave us all a mars bar in class to cut up into fours to represent quarters. We then got to eat them, that was over 20 years ago and I still remember it!


Real life examples relating to food are a great way of illustrating fractions and their wider uses to children… and makes it stick in their minds, as it did with me! So today I would like you to use your imagination and get creative. You could bake, cook, prepping vegetables, decorating biscuits, making groups of pasta… it is completely up to you as long as you are demonstrating your knowledge of sharing (dividing) into those fractions we have been learning about. Attached are some ideas if you need them on a PDF and then an extra PowerPoint of other real-life halves! Have fun!


If you or your parents now want a quiet 10minutes here is the Number Jacks Fraction Action episode: