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Shapes - 


Have a go at a few of these practical challenges that will help the children become more confident with their knowledge of shapes. 


Play ‘Guess the Shape’ with a friend or family member. Describe a shape, remembering to say how many sides and corners it has and to be specific, e.g. “It has 4 sides. It has 4 corners. It has 4 equal sides.” See who can guess the most shapes correctly.


Cut some different shapes out of paper and attach some sticky tack to the back of the shapes. See how many different things you can build with the shapes. You can move the shapes around to makes lots of different pictures if you use sticky tack.


What places, animals or objects can you draw using only 2D shapes? Can you make a train using rectangles, circles and squares? Can you make a rocket using rectangles, triangles and circles? What else can you make?


Go into your garden or a woods near your house and collect some sticks, pebbles and leaves. See what 2D shapes you can make using them. Which shapes are easiest to make using the sticks? Which objects are best for making a circle?


Have fun and I look forward to seeing some pictures of what you all get up to. 


I have also attached a ppt about 3D shapes that I would like you to show the children and discuss. They will be doing more about 3D shapes this week.