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Today is ‘Fun Day Friday’ I have added below a selection of interactive games for you to experiment with. They are all aimed to work on what we have been learning this half term – multiplication, division and fractions. I have tried to group them into levels but it doesn’t mean you can’t try them all or a selection of each. Have a little play and see which ones you prefer. Some are easier to follow than others and many have different levels within them so try and work your way up if you can! If you do not fancy these then maybe play some board games or do some puzzles with your family instead. There is not an expectation you need to feedback to me today with these activities! Just play and have fun!


Hot and Spicy Activities:

Duck Shoot – chose the number you want to practise counting in: 2s, 5s, or 10s.

Funky Mummy – choose the game you want to play including doubles, counting, halves etc.

Busy Day - have a go at dividing the treats between the dogs equally.


Mega Hot Activities:

Hit the Button – chose doubling, halving, multiplication or division and practise speed maths.

Fractions - Practise recognising your fractions.

Are you Nuts Activities:

Mental Maths Train – choose a number symbol to work on and then what numbers to practise.

Doggy Division – have a go at dividing the treats between the dogs equally.

Number Facts – Practise your multiplication and division number sentences.

Fractions Activity – Practise recognising your fractions.