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Welcome back to Summer Term Maths. Until the end of the year the main areas we will be covering are ‘Money’ and ‘Time’. We will also look at some more ‘Place Value’ and this week we are focusing on ‘Position and Direction’. We did this right at the start of Year One so let’s see how much you have remembered! Hopefully it will be a nice recap and ease back into our Maths learning after half term!


Why might we need to be able to describe directions and turns? Discuss.


Hopefully you would have thought about needing directions to get somewhere, follow maps, turns are used in PE activities and moving our bodies. Turns might also be needed for placing items in particular places or moving around. Doing puzzles or following instructions like ‘put your shoes on the mat next to the umbrella!’. You need and use positional and directional language so much, more than you might think! Watch this clip where some Bison need to use directional language to get somewhere new:


Open PowerPoint 1 ‘Teddy's Turns’ and recap what a half and full turn is. We know this really well, who can remember the other turn we use? A quarter turns! This is like half a half, remember our fractions. Now open PowerPoint 2 ‘Describing Turns’ and work through the slides. Whilst going through the PowerPoint discuss the way the turns are being made introducing language anti and clockwise.


Activity: Today as I think timing might be tricky as it’s our first day back and things will take a little longer. We are going to do a quick practical activity. You are going to go outside and (whilst socially distancing!) work with a partner shouting out some directions to each other. Can they follow your lead and be directed to the correct place? Remember to use the language such as forwards, backwards, sideways, straight ahead, anti-clockwise, clockwise, half turn, full turn and quarter turn etc.