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Today we are going to be recapping over ordering numbers greatest to smallest (biggest to smallest). In a minute open ‘PowerPoint - Ordering Numbers’ to hopefully have an easy recap over ordering numbers. You will need to remember what the great than and less than signs are to (Remember the greater than symbol is > and the less than symbol is <. To Recap this first open ‘Greater or Less Than PowerPoint’ and work though.

Now open the ‘Ordering Numbers’ PowerPoint and work through.


Then open ‘PowerPoint - Sequencing Numbers’ and work through putting the numbers in the correct order.


Activity: We are going to be working through some questions and you are going to write down what you think the answer could be. Remember how we form our numbers and which way they go! The questions might include which number is greater? What number comes next? What number could I want? Etc. We are going to do this on our whiteboards at school and you can use paper at home. I am not including the answers as hopefully the teacher and parents will know them and we can mark them as we go along discussing any which you might find tricky. Open the ‘Number Quiz’ PowerPoint and have a go!