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Today we are continuing the number ordering but looking more at ordinal numbers... who can remember what they are? When might we use them? Watch the following clip: Stop when the clip is finished – we will come back to the games shortly.


Now open the ‘Snail Olympics’ PowerPoint and discuss using ordinal language such as first, second etc.


Then work through the ‘Ordering and Ordinal Numbers’ PowerPoint and answer the questions as you go. You could use paper or a whiteboard to record your ideas.  


Now go back to the website and play the games:


Activity 1: Compete the ordinal number colouring activity. Page one has the numerals and page two you need to read the written words to decide which object in the line to colour.


Activity 2: If time, keeping to our socially distancing rules go outside and have some races. Who crosses the line in what order!? Repeat having different children stand at the finish line helping to name the positions.