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Today is a nice short and sweet Maths lesson (hopefully!) we are going to recap and focus on one more and one less. We know more means the number will get bigger by one and less means the number will get smaller by one. This should be really easy for us now.


Let’s start by opening the ‘One More Recap’ PowerPoint and working through the slides. There is a cheeky monkey and a circus master needing some help! Then go through the ‘One More Recap’ PowerPoint 2 to fully check your understanding. Like I said, you should find this fairly easy, especially with the lower numbers.


Now let’s try with one less, a little bit trickier but hopefully still okay! Open the next ‘One Less Monkey’ PowerPoint and recap the slides. Now open the ‘Class One Less Activity Sheet’ and work through the problems.


Activity: Work through the two problem solving activities – One More and One Less Activity & Answers.


Plenary: Quick fire questions, one more or one less than the number that comes onto the screen! Open the ‘1-100 Numbers’ PowerPoint and then randomly select numbers and say what is one more and one less than that number.