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Today we are going to start with another quick fire one more or one less round of questions! This time with the ‘Number Square Splat’ website: The adult will splat a number and then the children have to use the number square to find one more and one less than that number.


Staying using the ‘Number Square Splat’ we are now going to think about what 10 more and 10 less looks like and how we can find the answer. What happens when we count on 10 on a number square? Where do we end up? Get the children to understand we drop directly down to make the number 10 bigger. So, what would happen if we wanted to quickly find 10 less? Yes, go directly up and the number will be 10 smaller! Can they see the pattern? What else is actually happening? When we are adding we have to add one more to the ‘tens’ number. Then when we take away we take 1 away from the ‘tens’ number.  When we are adding/taking away tens the ‘ones’ always stay the same. Watch this clip to help make some more sense of what is going on:

Finally, work through the ‘Sweet Shop Challenge’ PowerPoint to practise adding 10.


Activity: Complete ‘10 more & 10 less Rainbow Activity’. Use the Number Square Splat to help if you need it.

Extension: If you have time and finish the first activity you can try this ‘More and Less’ Activity.


Plenary Song: