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Today we are going to thinking about counting all the way to 100. I know most of you can do this saying the numbers aloud. Within the classroom lets see if we can go around the tables in a clockwise way and each say a number starting with 0 until we get to 100!


Watch this Numberblocks Clip:

Now we are going to work through the following PowerPoint: ‘Counting to 100’. This has a combination of questions throughout the slides that we will work through.


Finally, open the ‘Read and Write Numbers’ PowerPoint and we are going to have a go at writing some of the number in words. We mainly need to be able to write 0-10 in words but if you have time then you can practise all the way to 20!


Activity: Children fill in the missing numbers on the ‘Pirate Number Square’ and then colour in the pictures.

Extension: Children to try and fill out the missing numbers 100-200!