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Well done on completing the progress check yesterday everyone, some super scores and even if you got some wrong, we know that means we are learning and that we just need to work on those things a little bit more. So hopefully parents you will be able to see the ones the children struggled on and use these concepts to work on some more to help consolidate your understanding.


Today we are going to be going back to our measures and have a go at some weighting activities. Firstly, this camel game recaps over which is ‘heavier or light’ but also needs some problem-solving and elimination skills to help the camel find the toys. Follow this link:


Secondly, have a go at this activity to experiment with the standard units of measure – grams. Chose the forth option down, measuring in steps of 10grams and follow the instructions to help the postman weight and deliver his parcel’s. You can adapt the game how ever you wish trying the different options and try and relate the measurements to your Maths homework cooking activity from last week.