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Today we are carrying on with partitioning numbers as although we are getting there, we might still need a bit more consolidation. Start opening the ‘Magician Partitioning Numbers’ PowerPoint to recap how we chop the numbers up. Then open the ‘Partitioning Numbers Day Two’ PowerPoint and work through the questions on the slides.


Today we are going to be recording the tens and ones using a table system so writing the single number in the correct place so we then read 34 for example not 30 4. This is going to help us see that the 3 represents 3 groups of tens and then single one as one! On your whiteboards, split it in half with a line making two columns then on the top of the left column write ‘tens’ and the right side write ‘ones’ (See below if you want a template). Now we are going to give you a number from 1-99 and you need to write it in the corresponding columns.


Activity: Children to complete the two tens and one’s activities: ‘Tens and One Columns’ Activity and ‘Tens and Ones Number Sentences’ Activity.


Extension: This is an AYN challenge to have a go with a hundred’s column! See how you get on!