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Today we will be learning about units of time. We will be thinking about seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years!


1. Have a look at the Time Display Poster below (I have attached it below as a PDF if you want to print it out.) It helps us to understand how the units of time are all connected.

Which is the shortest unit of time?

Which is the longest?



2. I have found a fun video for you to watch which will help you to learn how long seconds, minutes and hours are and how to estimate them!


3. I would like you all to complete some of the What Can You Do In 1 Minute? Challenge Cards. There are 8 different challenges to choose from.


4. Choose one or more of the below challenge choices to complete.


Spicy: Days of the week - Cut out the names and stick them in the correct order.

Hot & Spicy:Days of the week - Complete the grid to show which day was yesterday and which is tomorrow.

Mega Hot: Months of the year - Cut out the names and stick them in the correct order.

Are You Nuts?!: Hours and days - Converting hours and minutes to minutes

Extension:Hours and days - Reasoning and problem solving activities



Here are some fun songs related to time which you may enjoy!


Time: "Seconds, Minutes and Hours" by StoryBots


Time: "Seven Days," The Days of the Week by StoryBots


Time: "Twelve Months of the Year" by StoryBots