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This week we are going to learning about money. Something we have only touched on at school so hopefully you will learn lots this week. Normally at school we would have a very practical week using actually coins and getting used to feeling the sizes, weights and looking at the different colours. Unfortunately, due to the current situation this is not possible. So, lots of learning on the screens this week. However, when you are at home, if you have a piggy bank or your parents let you borrow some coins you can start to get used to them at home.


Today we are going to start by recognising the different coins. Who knows any already? How many are there? Do we have the same coins as all the other countries? What others do you know? Discuss.


Watch this clip of a little boy trying to learn the coins:


Now open the ‘Coins PowerPoint’ and work through the slides identifying coins and talking about how many pennies they each represent. Then the last slide is putting them into the correct order by value.


Then open ‘Quick Fire Coins’ PowerPoint to identify the coins that you need to pay for certain things.


Activity 1: Cut and stick activity to recognise and to order the coins correctly.

Activity 2: Coin detective activity sheet – colour the matching coins correctly.


Plenary Recap: