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You guys all did really well with recognising the coins and the notes the last two days, so well done. Today we are going to start using the coins to do some counting. Again, at school we would have been using coins to group and count but we will not be able to do that today. Start by watching this little clip about how to count up coins:


To warm up our counting we are going to open the ‘How Much Money in my Piggy Bank’ PowerPoint. This will get us in the hang of looking at the coins and counting the value. Remember you are not just counting the number of coins, you need to look for the amount.


Now, let’s try adding more coins together. Open the ‘Counting Coins’ PowerPoint. Remind the children that when we are counting up the values of coins, this is where our 2s, 5s and 10s counting can come in handy!


Activity: Make the total activity sheet. Children need to circle the right coins to make up that amount. Do the challenge that will suit you best or do both pages if you want!


Plenary/Extension Game: