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Today we are going to continue working on counting coins.

First open up a discussion about why we have money, what do we do with it, how do we get it and why we might need to save it. Did they always have money in the ‘old days’? Then just as something interesting watch this video about the history of money:


Interesting hay!? Now, let’s recap counting coins grouped by the same amounts by practising counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s. Open the ‘How Much Money is in My Jar’ PowerPoint and work through the slides.


Now open the ‘Counting Mixed Coins’ PDF and on whiteboards/paper work through the addition problems. Discuss any misconceptions throughout.


Activity: A nice interactive game to play today. First, chose the mixed coins, up to £1 and play the game finding the correct coins for the amount asked for: Then you can change the settings if you wish experimenting with the different amounts.