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It's Investigation day again!

Similar to last week, we have got lots of questions for you and you will need to work out the answers.

In the video below I will go through QA with you but the rest is over to you :)



H+S = minimum of 5 questions

MH = minimum of 7 questions

AYN = all 9 questions


Work hard - use the whole hour and PLEASE show your workings! 

Don't forget to mark your answers :)

Day 4 - Fractions-of-amounts-investigation.mp4

Still image for this video

The rule which I spoke about in the video: 

We divide the whole number by the denominator and then we multiply our answer by the numerator. 

*Divide by the bottom then times by the top*

BEWARE - The Great Missenden Staff are known to sometimes put up trick questions / ones which can't actually be completed...