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I think we all got our heads around yesterday and understanding how before/after and dates all help us get a sense of time and all relate. Today let’s start with thinking more about the analogue clock. Discuss the face, what we know already, what the different parts might mean/be used for etc.


Analogue clock explained song:


Now discuss what is happening when the hands go around. How many times do they go around in a day/night? Talk about days and night and how a day has 24hrs and how that is broken up into hours and minutes, which way round do the hands move? Etc. Explain that we are going to focus on telling the time to o’clock times to start with.


Open the ‘Telling the Time’ PowerPoint and work though the slides.


Then using this online teaching clock explain to the children and show them what is happening. Demonstrate the hands on the clock and how the big hand needs to point at the 12 and then the little hand will tell us the hour. or


Finally, open the ‘O’clock Summary’ PowerPoint and work through the questions.


Activity: Today we are going to be reading the times and writing the corresponding o’clock time. Start by playing this interactive matching game: and then complete the o’clock activity sheet attached below.


Extra: I have attached a telling the time info poster if you wanted to print it out at home and use it to help.