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Today we are moving on to telling the time when the big hand has moved away from the 12 and is on the 6. Who knows what this might be called? This is slightly trickery as not only has the big hand moved to the 6 instead of the 12, the little hand moves half way between a number.


Open the ‘Telling the Time to Half Past Intro’ PowerPoint and discuss the slides.


Now, watch this video to consolidate.


Then have another go with the interactive clock: and move the hands around to practise finding half past the different hours. Make sure you keep noticing where the little hand has to be as well as the big hand being on the 6.


Activity 1: Open and complete the ‘Half Past Reading Activity’ below writing down the corresponding times. Look out for the small minute hand to make sure you write the correct time!

Activity 2: Fun day Friday BINGO! Download the cards opening the ‘Half Past Bingo Game’ and with a sibling or parent have a play getting used to reading the half past times!