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Today we are going to be looking at comparing time. This is thinking about how long things take. We can use our knowledge of more and less to compare time. So, knowing how long a minute is compared to 15minutes or an hour is important. The concept of time is tricky when you are little but it will get easier. Watch this video to get the hang of what I mean:


Using the minute sand timers in the classroom (or timer at home) lets see how long a minute feel. Standing at your desks or going outside let’s see how many jumps we can do in a minute. Count in your head and then see how many you got compared with others. Now turn the timer over again and see how many times you can write your name on a whiteboard/paper. Then talk about how many times you did it compared to jumping and then compared to each other. If you had a long name then it would take longer to write and therefore you would not be able to write it as many times. Etc!


Then open the ‘Comparing Time’ PowerPoint and work through the slides discussing the questions as you go.


Activity: Today we are going to work through some problems and try and solve them. They are all questions to do with comparing time and they get harder as you go through. You might need your whiteboards or paper to record any workings out or to write down the answers. Talk through each problem along the way. Open the document ‘Comparing Time Problem Solving Word Activity’ below and see how you get on.