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Fun day Friday! Today I would like you to be inventive and come up with your own games and activities which involve time. If you have a stop watch at home, a clock with a second hand or an iPad/parent’s phone with a timer on it maybe you could time your selves doing different activities. How long can you skip for without stopping? How long does it take you to read your book? What is the time difference between you doing something or your sibling? Could you make a clock in the garden using chalks, stones and sticks? Can you go through the day looking for opportunities to tell the time? Set and alarm every hour or half hour so you notice the time going by and see it on the clock? Maybe you could record the times of day you do things, like 7 o’clock: breakfast, 9 o’clock: learning, 1 o’clock: lunch time?


There are a few ideas but feel free to come up with your own! Have fun!