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As we are at the end of the school year now we have a couple more ‘quizzes’ to do and then the last few days can be fun activities! Today I have uploaded our first end of term ‘quiz’ which is a little bit of everything we have covered this year. You have done these before, it is marked out of 15 so if you are at home if a parent could mark it and let me know the score, that would be amazing. I cannot upload the mark sheet for some reason so hopefully your parents will be able to work out the answers! You do not need to print it, on a blank piece of paper or in your distance learning book just jot down the numbers at the side and write the answers next to the corresponding number. Just try you best and if you need someone to read the question out to you, that’s fine!


Activity: Open the ‘End of Year Progress check’ and complete the questions as best you can. Remember not to rush and go back and check your answers to make sure you didn’t make any silly mistakes! Good luck!