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It’s Times Tables Friday!


By the end of Year 2, the Times Tables that you should know are the 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables.  In Year 3, you will learn the 3, 4 and 8 Times Tables.


Just like previous weeks, today you have a chance to practise or learn whichever Times Tables you are less confident with and feel you need to improve. You may focus on one, or a few of them! It is up to you. 


To warm yourselves up, choose one or all of the Times Table songs below. Dance along and join in!


The 2 Times Table Song


The 5 Times Table Song


The 10 Times Table Song


The 3 Times Table Song


The 4 Times Table Song


As well as multiplication worksheets, I have also added some division worksheets too. It is important for you to know division facts as well as multiplication facts. 




As you can see from these two posters, just as addition is the inverse (opposite) of subtraction, multiplication is the inverse of division. So once you know your multiplication facts, you can use them to help you calculate division facts.