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Today we are not looking at investigating, instead we have some questions for you to look at. Some include reading tables which is another great skill!

After you have finished the questions, we have got some riddles for you, you need to work out what the number is from the clues. These are quite fun but they are tricky so do take your time and work out each have value in isolation if needed :)


Have fun!



The answers to the MH are wrong if you downloaded or started before 10am - I have now changed them :) Thank you Theo for spotting the mistake.


They are below if you have not seen:


  1. Scooter = 0.80

Motorbike = 0.488

Car = 0.499

Bus = 1.335

Lorry = 1.42

Apologies again - AYN Q3 - the answer is wrong on the answer sheet


The correct answer is April!