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Today in Maths we are going to revisit symmetry.


You will have a chance to:

  • find out the difference between symmetrical shapes and asymmetrical shapes
  • practise finding lines of symmetry
  • practise drawing symmetrical pictures and patterns




1. First of all, watch this short video all about symmetry:





2. Next, watch this short video all about finding lines of symmetry:






3. Then choose one or more of the Challenge Choices below:


Spicy: Draw the other half of each symmetrical shape.

Hot & Spicy: Draw the other half of the hot air balloon and the butterfly.                                                     Tip: Use the dots to help you. 

Mega Hot: Complete the butterflies or monsters by drawing the other half.

Are You Nuts?!: Complete the pictures by shading the squares in.

Extension: A problem solving task involving symmetry!



I found this song all about symmetry which I think you'll enjoy: