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This week in Maths is learning all about ‘Capacity’. It is a shame we can’t be in school as this is always a fun week of activities, although experimenting and playing with water might be easier at home… Parents, I will let you decide! Haha! Firstly, I would like you to watch this little cartoon all about capacity.

Hopefully after watching you will know that capacity means how much something can hold.


Your activity today is to choose 1 cup and then find at least 5 different sized containers or objects that can hold water. Your challenge is to experiment and test how many cups of water fit into each of the different containers. I would then like you to record this by ordering them from largest to smallest, largest being the one that held the most amount of cups. You could draw a table or take a photo to demonstrate your findings. 


Finally, if you want some down time or your parents want 10 minutes peace, this link takes you to the Number Jacks episode all about capacity.