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Today I want you to try and remember what the word ‘estimating’ means. We have done lots of activities surrounding this before. Remember when we estimated the compare bears with Mr Magee, we estimated how many cubes would fit into our shoes, we estimated how many cubes different objects weighed on the scales etc! Have a look at the PowerPoint attached to get your brain warmed up into guessing/estimating! Remember not to actually count the objects, you need to make a quick guess and see how close you were! It doesn’t matter if you estimate ‘wrong’ as it’s only a guess, you can’t be ‘wrong’!


Right, now I want you to test out your estimating with capacity! If you can I would like you to work with a partner. This could be a sibling or a parent… or friend over FaceTime (maybe too technical). Firstly, find a small cup to use as your ‘measuring cup’. Player A will choose the first container and then both players make an estimate as to how many cups of water will fit into it. Then Player A can test it and write the answer in the table then deciding who made the closer guess. Then swap so Player B choses a container and so on! Hopefully the table I have attached will help to make these instructions make sense!


Continue for a least 3 different containers each or carry on for as long as you want!