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When we talk about arrays and multiplication we might use words like: groups of, lots of, sets of, times or multiply. They all mean the same thing but will take us a while to get used to the different vocabulary.


Open the ‘Make Arrays’ PowerPoint below and have a go at working through it. Parents – this is new learning so the children may find this challenging so might need a little extra input from you. Thank you.


For your activity I would like you to find objects around the house and demonstrate some different arrays. For example, you could make your own using stones outside, dried pasta from the kitchen, counters, marbles, paper clips whatever you have a few things of. Or find areas or items of your house that have arrays like a cupcake tray, buttons on the TV remote etc. Take some photos to show me what you find! Don’t forget to be practising counting how many are in the arrays as well! I have also attached a recipe for cupcakes which you would follow and then do the ‘array activity’.