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This week the children will be using money and exploring with it in all different ways. I have attached a ppt for the children to look at and see if they can recognise any of the coins. If you have any spare coins to hand to let the children have in front of them this would be great. 

Explain to the children why we use money and how we get it. 


I would like the children to have a go at drawing the coins and writing the amount the coin is worth inside. If you have the coins they could draw round them. Explain to the children that we don't have a coin for every amount so we need to make the amounts up with different coins. Could they have a go at this. 

How do you make 6p?

which coins would you use? 

How do you make 8p?

Which coins would you use?

I have attached a sheet where you can also cut the coins out if you wanted to do that if you don't have any coins. 




Miss Collier