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The arrays we were learning about last week was really tricky, but you all did so well. So, the first part of learning about arrays is what we did last week – using addition to count up the arrays. The next part of this learning is using the arrays to help us start understanding what ‘multiplication’ and ‘times tables’ are. Watch this BBC Bitesize clip about multiplication boy to begin our journey:

So hopefully you can now start to see how these arrays can help us with even more ways of counting. Drawing out numbers in dots is a really helpful way to demonstrate what is happening. Now work through the PowerPoint below and have a go. Like I said, today instead of using the arrays to work out repeated addition like last week we will now start to see how the ‘times’ symbols will work. You might find these tricky, but see how you get on. Remember you could use things from around your house or help you count with instead/as well as drawing the dots. Remember parents this is new learning so it might be a challenge!