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Year 3 French - Summer Term Week 9

Week commencing 22nd June 2020

Musical Instruments – part 3


Well done to everyone that sent in their French work last week; it’s really great to see so many of you fitting in Language Learning into your busy homelearning schedules. Practising French every week will help give you the confidence to get to a flying start in September, when we will all hopefully be back at school.


Now you have understood the concept of masculine and feminine nouns in French, this week we are going to expand our language and add opinions words.


The remote lesson will follow the same format as usual; begin by watching the PowerPoint presentation, then complete the worksheet. This week I have also recorded myself going through the PowerPoint. Let me know if this makes things easier to follow.


I have created some games for you to play in the ‘games’ folder. It is a great way for you to consolidate your vocabulary learning. There is also a song and a rap about instruments for you to listen to.


Don’t forget to finish by colouring in your language cloud and send me a photos of the three tasks with your language cloud progress page. 


Missing you all very much, 

Madame Hemsworth