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Year Five Research Project

Famous Frenchies

Week Two (Thursday 11th June)

Make your poster/fact file/leaflet/video and email it to me at:



It's time to write up your project on a famous French person from the past or present.


I have received some brilliant plans and your choices of 'Frenchies' vary from Simone de Veil, Alain Bernard, Claude Monet, Andre The Giant, Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Couteau, Asterix as well as the very popular choices of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mpabbe.


Remember, you can choose to present your research in one of the following ways:


* a poster

* a fact file

* an information leaflet

* a video (imovie, Apple Clips, Explain Everything, Book Creator…)



You should write in English (although it would be wonderful to include some French words/phrases) and you should aim to answer the following questions when presenting your research findings:


  1. What is this person famous for?
  2. What is remarkable about what they do/did?
  3. What difficulties or opposition are they facing/did they face?
  4. What impact are they having/did they have on the world?
  5. What can we learn from them and how do they inspire you?



I cannot wait to read your finished projects. In the meantime, if you are lacking inspiration or would like some ideas on how to present your work, Olivia in 5M, Scarlett in 5W and  Daniel in 5M have sent their work in's BRILLIANT! Take a look.....


Missing you all,

From Madame Hemsworth