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Dear Children and Parents,


In this section of the website, you will find a range of tasks and activities that give you the opportunity to continue your learning away from school. These will be uploaded weekly (starting on Monday 30th March) and will follow the teaching curriculum that we would normally be using for language learning at Great Missenden. You will also find links to useful websites that can be used as an additional learning tool for children and parents.


Weekly tasks will include some online work, vocabulary learning, listening activities and some speaking which, you can hopefully complete with a member of your family. You should aim to spend one hour a week on your Language Learning, like we do in school. This can be done in short bursts (much better) or in one go. Ideally, I would recommend adding in two or three 20-minute Language sessions a week to your timetable but please, just do what you can! Try and vary the activities so you are not in front of a screen all the time.


It does not matter which day/days you do your work but, you may find it helpful to record your activities. It would be great to see what you have been up to and, it’s also very rewarding for you to see how much you have achieved.


Remember, something is better that nothing! Once you have completed your task - please email work to the temporary email address below, in the form of either a photo, a word document or another appropriate alternative. Try your best but remember, the most important thing is not to worry or get anxious about your work. If it's too tricky, just try one of the easier activities. 


Finally, enjoy this time with your families. Be kind to each other, be of benefit to one another and protect each other. Work as a team! When the weather is fine, go play in the garden (if you are lucky enough to have one) or make the most of your daily exercise with a family member. Whilst doing your daily exercise (if you see anyone from a distance), SMILE and say hello/ bonjour/ ni Hao/ Guten Tag. Boost each other’s spirits!


I look forward to hearing all about your Language achievements.


Stay safe and I hope to see you soon.


Madame Hemsworth