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LO: To text-map an excerpt

In this lesson you will be reading back through a chapter of our class book!

Watch it in video form here:

I have selected a specific excerpt for you to practice your text-mapping skills whilst at home…you will need to answer some questions, then create actions and icons that will need to be shown to a grown up or sent in video form!

Our goal for this week is to do some of our own writing based around this, think about what it may be…


Guided Reading:

Monday 30th March 2020

LO: Vocabulary Check

This week your guided reading text is a letter to Roald Dahl. Read the letter carefully and note down any vocabulary you do not know the meaning of. Explain the meaning of as many of the words on the worksheet as you can.



LO: Hundredths as decimals


1. Open PowerPoint, complete slide and feedback starter

2. Complete VF challenge sheet.

3. Complete RPS challenge sheet.

4. Self mark using the answers and make any corrections if needed.


Any questions, please send an email to your class teacher.


Top tip

Use the place value grid with this lesson. Make sure you match up the decimal points carefully. When converting from a fraction to a decimal if the denominator is 100 do not change the numerator keep it the same. For example 36/100 is the same as thirty- six hundredths, which is equal to 0.36. My numerator has not changed because my denominator is 100.