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An excellent week last week where so many of you had the opportunity to show off just how much you have learnt this year and how your hard work and dedication has paid off, making excellent progress. Remember though, assessments don’t show off everything about you so please don’t be disheartened if you didn’t quite get the mark you hoped for. They are just one form of evidence and don’t show all the other great things you have done this year!

Today is International Museum day which started 1977 by the International Council of Museums. This day is a good opportunity to visit, appreciate and support museums. As we can’t visit them I thought it might be nice to give you some websites where you can still explore the museums and take virtual tours. So, if you like History, why not have a look on this link to explore the Natural History Museum.

If art is more of your thing, the National Gallery also have a virtual tour when you can explore their collections of art work.

As you know, just before the Easter holidays we were meant to be taking a trip to Hazard Alley which is a safety centre. You can do a virtual tour of the museum below and there are also some activities on the Hazard Alley site if you would like to have a go at them.

It’s the last week before the half term break, I’m not sure how this half term has gone so quickly! Keep up with all of the hard work during what could be the last week of distance learning. In maths this week, we will be revisiting some of the areas that caused some issues during the maths papers last week. Mr Tang will also be a doing a maths day with you all on Thursday which you will find out more about later this week!

In English, we will be starting a new topic and the work this week will lead us nicely onto writing our own portal stories. You will also have Science, Art, PSHE and a French lesson this week. Enjoy this week and continue to produce the high-quality work you have been creating so far, even if you are feeling as tired as Queso is (since lock down I've clearly turned into a crazy cat lady who just takes photo after photo of their sleeping cat....!) One more push and then a week off 😊

Have a great week.


Miss Cartwright