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Handwriting update...

From now onward, every week, you will be expected to complete at least one piece of work as a written piece, this means, not online. (If you will struggle to do this, or cannot provide evidence, please can you or your parent message your teacher to let them know).

This written piece of work is expected to be in your neatest, joined up handwriting, formed correctly. As such, we have provided handwriting practice sheets and videos of key formation- these also link to our key spellings, in case you haven’t been practicing those daily too!

Of course, the handwriting sheets are optional, but if you have not been able to handwrite frequently, you will need lots of practice as it’s a necessary skill throughout your life which forms key fine-motor skills. For those of you who have been avoiding joining, now is your chance to practice and gain skills without pressure so you can “WOW” everyone when you return.

Here’s the spelling & handwriting page, full of ideas:

Maybe today your English work can be handwritten? Or maybe later in the week- Topic or Science? Up to you! But make sure you are JOINING. You’re in Year 4 and you should be practicing joined-up to ensure speed and neatness throughout!


LO: I wish…

Today we are starting a new unit of English learning about a new type of story…A Wishing Story!

Our challenge is to watch a very silly video made by the teachers from Great Missenden, and then come up with our own 3 selfish and silly wishes- these could be written or spoken in a video, and you can do a bonus 4th sensible wish, maybe for one of the things we banned from the first three!

We are really looking forward to seeing/hearing what wonderful ideas you have, and hope you enjoy our video:

'I Wish' Video

My sensible wish would be like Mr. Tang' be able to teleport wherever I liked! So much quicker! (and I hope you know that by dresses and ballgowns I meant my Spiderman or dinosaur costume, and fancy dress...)


LO: To subtract two 4 digit numbers


1. Watch the video below looking at column subtraction by Miss Read.

2. Complete the PowerPoint starter questions

3. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice

4. Self mark using answer at the end of the document


Any questions email your class teacher.

Guided Reading:

Monday 15th June 2020

LO: Vocabulary Check

Read the next chapter – Sardines.

 - As you read, please underline any phrases or words you are unsure about and explore the meaning of them. You will need these words/phrases later in the week!

 - Then pick a page (or maybe more) from the chapter and read it aloud using lovely expression and intonation!