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Please remember your Handwriting and Spellings practice!


LO: To write a detailed setting description, including foreshadowing

Today we will be creating the first paragraph of our own wishing story, based around our model text! You’ll need to think about where you would be sitting in your house and how you will incorporate your foreshadowing from last week.

  1. Use your home as a model, you can write this in first person. Remember your “chore” from last week.
  2. Imagine how you would feel, think about what you are doing, what everything around you looks like- why do you need to do this chore? Why are you not?
  3. You should use descriptive language to make this detailed and exciting- it’s not all plot…
  4. Plan your paragraph using the format (and a picture if you want) then add detail as you write it up as a paragraph- don’t be afraid to make multiple attempts! I did!

We are looking forward to reading some beautifully thought out description and seeing how you include your foreshadowing…Follow the S2S to create a stunning opener!


LO: Equivalent Fractions


1. Watch the input video brought to you today by Mr Romano.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark your work using the answer sheet found at the end of the document.


If you have any questions, email your class teacher.

Guided Reading

Monday 22nd June 2020

LO: Vocabulary and synonym check

Read through the next chapter – Abacaxi

As you read or are being read to, think about any words or phrases that you don’t understand the meaning of. You can use a dictionary to look these words up!

Can you think of synonyms you could use for the words below, some of them we have already come across in earlier chapters.

  • Barrelling – page 104
  • Ferocious - page 104
  • Immense – page 107
  • Seized – page 109
  • Unpredictable – page 110
  • Retracting – page 110