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Good morning all and welcome back to distance learning! 


We are sure you're all very excited to be back doing this again... but don't worry, it is only for three days! We are so glad that that the rest of the school get the opportunity to go back and experience lots of the great things that you have been doing since you have returned to school.


Today and tomorrow you will have a maths and English session to complete and then on Wednesday it will be a day of independent work on your personal projects, there will be more information on expectations of this on Wednesday morning. You may complete your English work in your English book if you wish and then send a photo in or you may chose to complete it on the computer.


Please send your completed work to your class teacher, here are the email addresses in case they have slipped your mind.


Remember that if you have a staff thank you to do for the leaver's assembly (you know who you are!) that you look over this so that you know it, you do not have to learn it off by heart but you might want to rewrite it neatly on another piece of paper. These will be filmed on Thursday in school.


Please also spend the next couple of days learning your line/s from the 'Oh, the places you'll go' poem, ready to be filmed when we are back at school on Thursday.


If you have not returned to school and haven't done an 'I will be..' poster please complete this task and send a photo of yourself holding it up to your class teacher. The bolder and brighter the better and there are some examples below.


Have a great day all!


Miss Cartwright