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LO: To edit and improve your writing

You’ve worked so hard writing and collecting every section and subsection of your information text. We are now going to take a final opportunity to check back and see if we’ve made any silly mistakes, and add to anything that looks empty, or edit pieces which you’re unhappy with.

Use your teachers’ feedback to help you with this lesson.

First, edit and improve Miss Read’s terribly copied piece of writing. It’s a disaster! We’d love to see how you correct it.

Go over your own work, using the S2S to ensure you’re using all of the necessary skills. If there’s anything that you want to re-write out more neatly, or maybe type out, now is your chance!


LO: Arithmetic Monday


1. Complete the arithmetic worksheet.

2. Self mark using the answers at the end of the document


Top Tip

Read the question carefully.

Guided Reading

Monday 13th July 2020

LO: Vocabulary Check
This is our last guided reading for Distance Learning :-) Read the next chapter "Smoke," you can make a note of any words or phrases you do not understand and check the meaning in context using a dictionary.


I am also adding the next few chapter if you would like to continue reading!