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Day 6: Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning everyone!


So how was your weekend, apart from not uploading your activities, it felt pretty similar to every other day for me, if not a little more boring! Still headed out for a daily walk, spend some more time in the garden and actually washed my car, which I never want to do! I spend some time catching up with family and friends on FaceTime which was nice and enjoyed cooking up some tasty dinners with Mr BR. Slightly cooler than it has been, but still nice to get some fresh air!


I hope you are all managing to keep and eye on Great Missenden’s School Twitter account… here you will find a few updates, pictures, messages and story times by different teachers as the weeks go on (I may have been roped into doing one soon!) I had to download twitter just to follow GM so its fairly easy to do. This is also where Mr Tang will post the Friday Brilliant Book assembly winners every week! Well done to Cadence who was awarded it last week… I wonder who will receive a mention this week (I would put you all in every week if I could!!) This is the YouTube link if you need it:


Another new link to look out for on the ‘useful links’ page is Mrs Hutchings mindfulness on YouTube. We have really enjoyed this when she has been into class a couple of times. A nice quiet, peaceful way to spend ten minutes. Also, I have uploaded some art activities under the ‘Art’ section of the distance learning page if you fancy it!


It still feels very strange not coming into school to see those happy faces… but here’s to another successful week of distance learning and spending quality time with the people in our houses!


Mrs BR x