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Monday 20th April

Good morning all and welcome back!


We hope you all had a fantastic and restful two weeks and enjoyed Easter. The weather was definitely a positive. Please let us know what you got up to and send through any photos you would like to share with us.


The Easter holidays might not have been the holidays we had originally planned (I didn’t get to go to Poland or celebrate my best friend’s birthday with her. I didn’t get to see friends in person as we had organised or go to a concert) but I did get to do lots of walking in the lovely weather (I realised how lucky we are to live in an area where we have so much choice of beautiful walks), I did a few 5km runs (after my first very slow attempt!), lots of reading (I love having lots of time now to actually get back into a good book), celebrated my Mum’s birthday and being engaged for a year, got excited at the realisation that my new nephew will be born in a month and had lots Zoom catch ups with my friends. I know it’s sometimes difficult to remember but we have lots to be grateful for.


We might not be any closer to a date of a return to school but myself, Mr Kemp and Mr Sperring are all still hopeful that it’ll be sometime soon! This term will be different to a normal term in year 6 but we plan to make it as enjoyable as we can and make the best of the situation. Remember, don’t stress about school work, ask for help when you need it, stay calm and laugh and smile lots! All you can do is your best and remember that each day you are making us proud with how you are dealing with this situation.


Please keep the work load manageable for yourselves. You just need to send in one daily email with your score in Maths and your traffic light colour (also include if there are any questions you want specific help with), a photograph of your English work or the document you have created and then a copy or photograph of any other work you have have been asked to complete. The answers will always be up for maths and comprehension for you to self assess.


There is a document on here from Mrs Hulbert about music so please have a read! Also if you ever want other activities to fill your day, there are many subjects with ideas and activities to do on the distance learning home page. These are optional.


Have a great first day 'back'!


*Please note that Mr Kemp is in school this morning so 6K please don't expect replies to emails until mid afternoon*


Miss Cartwright and the rest of the year 6 team!