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Monday 23rd March

So... the adventure begins! We are about to embark upon something never done before. You are all history makers. If you’re feeling slightly nervous about the situation, that’s perfectly natural and so are we. If you’re feeling strangely excited about the situation then you are not alone. So are we!


Today, you will complete the distance learning activities for the first time. You should spend at least 45 minutes on both the Maths and the English. Once you have completed both tasks, please e-mail your class teacher (e-mails found on the page before this blog).


Top Tips:

  1. Get the work done first before rewarding yourselves with books and Playstations.
  2. Have regular breaks.
  3. Exercise regularly. On Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel, (The Body Coach TV) he is running PE lessons from 9-9.30 EVERY DAY!
  4. Talk to friends, family and us about how you’re getting on and how you’re feeling.
  5. Try something / learn something new. You have got lots of free time at home now. Put it to good use.


Remember:  Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. (Joshua J. Marine)


Please be aware that Mr Kemp and I are teaching the key worker children today so we may not be able to access e-mails until the afternoon.


Have a great first day.


Mr Sperring