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Day 16: Monday 27th April 2020


Good morning Year One, hope you are ready for week 4 of our distance learning!


So, on Friday we finished the patio area, it looks so much better than it did and is much safer now! We used gravel instead of laying a new patio as one day we hope to have an extension out the back so we did not want to spend too much money. It was nice to then have the weekend to enjoy more of the lovely weather, as I think this week might not be as nice… good luck everyone! 


Over the weekend I did some more baking. I made some bread and two flavours of biscuits, ginger and lemon. On Friday night we had a zoom quiz and then on Saturday night we did a massive batch of pizza dough and made around 12 pizzas. We offered a takeaway service to mine and Mr Brooke-Reads family so they came with a plate or box to collect it and take it home to enjoy a delicious pizza! Don’t worry, we had enough left for us in the end! It was quite hectic and messy but all our family loved it and they had a sneak peak at the new patio and my growing bump from a safe distance! We also enjoyed a walk to forage some wild garlic and then had BBQ on Sunday for what might be the last bit of hot weather for a little while!




This week I promise I will do a little video update to say hello and show you little bump (not my favourite thing to do) but a lot of you have been asking, so for you guys I will!


Have a super Monday, enjoy the last dry day looking at the forecast!


Mrs Brooke-Read x