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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Year 6 and welcome to another week of distance learning.


As a year group you are now in a privileged position where (excluding Science) we have now covered the entire primary curriculum! It’s very exciting. We would now be ready to knock SATs out the park. Unfortunately, we know this isn’t the case but we are all extremely proud of the way you’ve challenged yourselves and constantly listened to feedback. Anything we teach now is an added bonus and will further prepare you for secondary school.

English and Maths lessons will go ahead as normal. They will be based on areas we feel we need to re-visit and 'dive' a little deeper into.

To go alongside the daily Maths and English lessons, we will be setting weekly Science, Art, French, PSHE and PE lessons. The majority of these lessons should be completed on the day they are set.

Lots of these lessons will be taken from or These two websites are providing a wide range of resources to support online learning. Feel free to complete any of the tasks on the websites.


Looking After Ourselves:


On a final note today, we realise that although some of you will be thriving during this lockdown period, there will also be some of you who are finding it a real challenge. I can assure you that you are not alone and I would suggest you consider how your friends and parents are finding this too. Being confined to your house or garden, barely getting outside and not having the 'normal' school routines can be really difficult to adjust to. Be considerate of how you are feeling and how those around you are feeling. Be kind to yourself and others and try to see the positives in each day. 


You might find yourself getting into a negative rut and don't want to get on with the things that you know are important such as school work or enjoying time with your family. Well don't fret - WE HAVE ALL BEEN IN THAT SITUATION! You now need to consider how to get out of it. Here are some of my top tips when I feel like this:

1) Smile / Exercise / Hydrate - even if it is just 10 star jumps or whacking a tennis ball against a wall, if you do this with a smile on your face and follow it with a drink of water it will change your body physically and start a chain reaction that will impact the rest of the day.

2) Change the emotion you are feeling (Visualise your desired emotion)- Often when we are stuck in a rut we have negative emotions; we might be sad about the situation, we might feel that we're not good enough, that we miss our friends, or that we might simply feel that we cannot be bothered. We can change that just by using our imaginations or our memories. Think back to a time when you had a positive feeling that you would like to have right now. It may be a time when you were rewarded for something you did well at, a time when you won something or a time when you overcame a challenging task. Think back to that time and VISUALISE it. Close your eyes and remember how that felt, what was happening around you. Make the memory / image as vivid and colourful as possible. 

Just by doing these two things, you have changed how you are feeling physically and mentally and now you are feeling a bit more positive and now you need to:

3) Make a psychological commitment to the day - Decide what are you willing to do today. Get a piece of paper and pen. Write the sentence - I am willing to....

Once you have made these commitments and agreements and you are feeling a little better, there is a much higher possibility that you will do what you want in your day and be successful and feel pride.


Be kind to yourselves.


Have a lovely week everyone. 


Mr Kemp