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Good morning year 3!


Well done for all completing your first week back after Easter. You have continued in the same vein as before; lots of effort, excellent work and brilliant growth mindsets. Well done!


I hope you all managed to enjoy the weather over the weekend. Unfortunately, I think the it is going to take a turn for the worse, but fingers crossed. I went on a run which was fairly painful, but good to get some fresh air in the sunshine. I have noticed that a few of you have also been doing some running which is amazing! I also caught up with my family on Zoom which was lovely. My fiancée and I have also been working our way through Disney+, in particular all of the Marvel films, which has been awesome. We watched Black Panther last night which was brilliant, although it means there are only a couple of films left for us to watch before we finish all of them.


As always, your work is below. Don’t forget your weekly lesson which is Science this week. There is also some weekly MFL that Mrs Hemsworth has put in the French folder, so go and check that out.


Keep up the good work. Your commitment and dedication to your school work in this difficult time is exemplary. We continue to be astounded by what you are achieving, both with your school work and how you are all managing this lockdown.


But most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive. Have a brilliant week!


Mr Austin