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Monday 27th April 2020

LO: To write a poetic postcard using descriptive language

This week of English is going to be all about letter writing! We’ve already done a lot about this so hopefully you’ll find it really fun! There are a lot of things to learn about letter writing which is a skill that translates to writing emails also. The wonderful Mr White has, once again, organised this week of learning so that every Year group has similar lessons, that way you can work together with your siblings and friends when developing ideas!

Today we will be writing poetic postcards, using some of our skills from last week.

  1. Follow the document and choose one of the suggested images to be your “postcard” location (can you work out where they all are?).
  2. Then you will need to collect descriptive language in the suggested grid outline (you can do this online or on paper, up to you, but try to have multiple ideas in each box so that you have a choice, follow the example to help- though you might not need that many!)
  3. Next, using the words you have collected, create a poetic (descriptive) postcard, following the suggested layout, meeting the S2S provided (including your non-negotiables and working through each tier to achieve AYN?!).
  4. Check that your work meets the S2S and edit it if necessary, you can choose to write it to whoever you want, but you must send it onwards to your teachers. Remember, this is not a paragraph, it is a poetry layout and letter format so should only have one (very descriptive, possibly long, well punctuated) sentence per line!

I wonder what places you are going to explore today? 


LO: Pounds and Pence


1. Click on video link below, follow the PowerPoint with Mrs Harrison and answer questions.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using the answers on the worksheet page.


Looking at Pounds and Pence with Mrs Harrison!

Follow the Classroom Secrets PowerPoint and answer questions as you go, with the wonderful Mrs. Harrison to guide you! Afterwards have a go at the question s...

Guided Reading:

LO: Vocabulary Check

For today's task we would like you to read the to end of page 11, of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. Please underline any words or phrases that you don't understand. Read carefully, see if you can make a sensible guess about what those words or phrases might mean! The other words in the sentence might give you some clues.

Remember an adult/sibling can always read the pages to you.