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LO: To write setting description using personification

Our next block of English is about Portal stories, which we have looked at previously and will learn more about over the coming weeks! Mr. White has, once again, organised this week of learning so that every Year group has similar lessons AND an incredible joint hook text, please continue to work with your friends and family, to develop your learning.

Today we will be following the steps to create some setting description, with a focus on personification…:

  1. Choose a picture and read the information about personification and pathetic fallacy until you understand what it is and how it works. Access the websites if needed.
  2. Next, collect words based around the picture, using the blank grid if you desire or developing the existing grid. You should have four key nouns (objects or things in the picture that drew your eye) on the left, and then a variety of verbs and adjectives which can be used to describe those nouns and create personification (as explained within).
  3. Using the words that you have collected, write a piece of poetic setting description, following the suggested layout, meeting the S2S provided (including your non-negotiables and working through each tier to achieve AYN?!). Edit and improve it if necessary, you want to create the most exciting and detailed description possible- like we did with our postcards!

I’m sure you will all be able to implement personification to create the mood and atmosphere…!


LO: Telling the time


The next two lessons this week we are going to be looking at time. Today, we have set you a challenge of seeing what you already know about time. 

1. First, open the PDF below with slides and complete the starter questions.

2. Next, complete the worksheets, these have been set as challenge 1, challenge 2 and challenge 3. Complete as many questions as you can. Make sure you read them carefully. 

3. Self mark questions using answers at the end of the document.


If you have any questions about the work, email your teacher.


Top Tips

Below are some pictures to help you telling time for minutes past and minutes to.

Big hand is for the minutes.

Small hand is for the hour.

Monday 11th May 2020

LO: Retrieve more details about Fred & vocabulary check

Chapter 3 - The River

Sometimes we find out a lot of information about a book character in the first chapter of a book, other times we uncover details of a character more slowly as we read!

  • Read to the end of page 41, this chapter can be read to you, or you can take turns with an adult, or older sibling.
  • What other details can you find out about the character of Fred? Underline any details or write them down.
  • As always, please underline or write down any words or phrases you do not understand. Use a dictionary to check the meaning of these words or phrases.