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LO: To recognise the features of instructions

Today we are thinking about when and where we might find and use instructions. Think about what the features of this type of writing are. Where would you find instructions? The imperative is used, this means bossy verbs or orders, e.g. put, close, open, cut etc. Instructions are also written in the third person and time connectives are used to link steps. Read through the powerpoint and follow each slide carefully. Complete the task at the end. We are excited to see what examples of instructions you can find around the house!



LO: Tenths on a place value grid.

For this lesson, look at making a place value grid at home and getting some counters or coins to help you. Read the questions carefully and double check your answer before you move onto the next slide.

When it comes to the challenge sheets:
D is H&S
E is MH
GD is AYN!

Do both A and B questions and start with VF and then move onto RPS.

Mark your answers using the marking sheet at the end of the document. If you are finding a challenge sheet too hard try a different challenge sheet. If there is a question you are finding difficult put a star next to it and send your teacher an email.

Guided Reading

Monday 23rd March 2020

LO: Vocabulary Check

This week we are looking at a recipe for "Hot Cross Buns" in guided reading. Your first task is, to read the recipe and underline or write down any words you do not understand the meaning of. Look at the table on page 3, explain the meaning of as many of the words in the table as you can. You can use a dictionary to help you.