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Week 12: Information Text-Return to Great Mythenden

I saw some incredible handwriting from my class this week, let’s see how many more people we can get on the “WOW” Handwriting page, Remember to do at least one piece of handwriting a week, using this to help you.

Also a lovely competition has come up, for all of you thriving authors,, you could adapt your wishing story to fit the brief or submit something completely new in your age category! There are several people in my class alone who would be incredible at this, so please give it a go and send your teachers what you submit too (I’m sure they’d love to see).


LO: To create some fun Top Trumps!

Today we are embarking on the start of a new unit made up of lots of different bits and bobs- Welcome back to Great Mythenden!

Read the document attached, explaining information texts, then watch the incredible ‘Great Mythenden School’ prospectus video, below.

After you’ve done that, look at how to achieve your task today…

Mr. White has done an incredible job of making a card for Mr. Magee with tonnes of information, try with any other teacher that you’d like, and make them even more magical if you want to!

Check out the outlines Mrs. Phipp’s made too, if you’re stuck for ideas.

We are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


LO: Arithmetic Monday


Due to being back in school for Thursday and Friday this week, we have now moved arithmetic Friday to Monday. The arithmetic sheet has been taken from Twinkl and has answers at the end of the document. Read the questions carefully.


1. Complete the arithmetic questions sheet and then self mark.

2. Complete the times table sheet both multiplication and division questions. Then self mark using the answers at the end of the document.


Any questions, email your class teacher.

Guided Reading

Monday 29th June 2020

LO: Vocabulary check 

Please read the next chapter of The Explorer, “The Monkeys and the Bees”. This chapter is pretty long, so you do not need to read it all in one go. You can always take turns reading it with an adult/sibling or have an adult read it to you. Please do try to make sure you have it all read by Friday as we will do some comprehension questions in school/home related to it.

As always please check any vocabulary you do not know and also see if you can make a sensible guess, what the word might mean, by looking at the other words in the sentence!

Chose five words from your vocabulary check and use them in complete sentences to show you understand them.