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Good Morning Year One,

Here is a message from the lovely Mrs Hulbert about what you can do at home to keep your music learning going through the summer term.


I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter.


I write to let you know that I have put together some links to musical activities, lessons and apps in case anyone would like to include music as part of your home learning this term. These are available at  


KS1 - What music can I do at home?

  • Learn a topic related song – I will add a new one each week for you.
  • Why not write your own music using chrome music lab?   This is an easy to use system available online.  Once children are logged in they should be able to play around quite easily on their own.  The rhythm section is really fun, and the voice spinner was a favourite with my children.  Also, if you can provide headphones this could be a silent activity for the rest of the household!




  • The BBC bring the noise has some great videos from cbeebies stars, and a couple of apps. Children will likely need assistance to open and access these.  However, they are quite intuitive to use and work through once children have seen how they work and where they are.  
  • Practice and perform some new music, dance or even put on a play.  Why not put on a concert for your family of some of the music you have been creating/learning?  You could write a concert programme, draw or paint a poster and issue tickets for your concert!  You could even ask older siblings to help and take part too! 

Please do be in contact if you would like any support with music at home, I am very happy to help where I can. I would also love to see what you have been up to, so do feel free to send videos/photos/sound files of your music making.  My email is


Enjoy making music and I hope to see you all again soon.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Hulbert